Making a Reservation

To make a reservation, the sales agent needs to know

■ The full, legal names and titles of all travelers, matching the names on their travel IDs.
■ The ages of any children or senior citizens.
■ The address and work or home phone number of at least one traveler.
■ The departure and return dates and the origin and destination cities.
■ The class of service desired.
■ The form of payment for the tickets.

To make the reservation, the sales agent enters into the computer a PNR, or passenger name record, which is the complete record of a reservation stored by the airline’s reservation system. (Multiple passengers may be on the same PNR if their itineraries are exactly the same.) The mandatory fields, or required parts, of a PNR are the following:

■ Phone number of the passenger(s), including the area code.
■ Record of the person requesting the reservation.
■ Itinerary, with complete information on the travel segments booked. (The travel segment may be not only a flight but also a car rental, hotel, tour, and so on.)
■ Name of the passenger(s) exactly as it appears on the ID.
■ Ticketing arrangements, such as the date by which the passenger must pay for the ticket. (Discount fares may require almost immediate payment, but for some fares clients may wait to buy the ticket up to an hour before flight time.)

You might remember these fields by the first letter in each name, which spells PRINT. But the computer arranges the fields in the order NIPTR.
The itinerary field of the PNR in the computer includes the following information in the following order:

■ Airline name.
■ Flight number.
■ Class of service.
■ Date of departure.
■ Departure city/airport.
■ Destination city/airport.
■ Number of seats.

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