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*Additional information will be required after purchase; please check your receipt.


Tests can be taken either in our online format (preferred) or in a traditional paper/pencil format. Online tests can be ordered in as little as three business days. Please make paper/pencil test orders at least three weeks in advance to account for the delivery of the testing materials.

All tests with The Travel Institute are proctored exams. The minimum requirements for a proctor are that they a) be over 21, b) are not related to the candidate, and c) are not preparing to take the same test they have been asked to the proctor.


Your consent is also required to use the services of ProctorFree. You are asked to accept or decline this statement below when it appears on the test request form.

I understand that I will be taking a timed and proctored exam. I understand that my actions will be recorded and I agree to submit that recording and evaluation as part of The Travel Institute’s honor code. I attest that the exam I am about to take is the result of my own study and preparation and that I will not cheat or attempt to circumvent this test or its monitoring on penalty under The Travel Institute’s honor code policy.


All products purchased from The Travel Institute are NON-REFUNDABLE. This includes memberships/subscriptions; online/downloaded courses and materials; textbooks and reference materials; and/or materials not created by The Travel Institute (3rd-party products). Damaged products will be exchanged for the same title.

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