The Travel Institute’s Destination Specialist (DS) programs span the globe and provide essential knowledge for you to understand the area as well as help you create the kinds of experiences your customers expect – and come back for. It’s this type of training that sets you apart from “travel hobbyists” and gives you greater credibility with your clients. It also increases your value and earning power!

What’s It All About

Depending on the destination, the course is available in these formats: print, online, or downloadable PDF. An optional online DS exam can be taken, and a grade of 70 or higher is considered passing. Those individuals completing the course and exam are encouraged to promote their expertise by including the designation after their name. For instance, Jane Smith, Alaska Specialist. For those individuals seeking a more advanced concentration of study, a Certified Destination Specialist level is also available for select areas, with Jane Smith, Certified Alaska Specialist as the proper designation. Successful completion of any of these courses qualifies for 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which is an annual requirement of CTA®, CTC®, and CTIE® professionals.

What’s Inside

Our DS courses focus on the geography, culture, essential sites and attractions, travel tips, and sample itineraries that help you create memorable vacations for your clients. Along the way, your study will provide you with information to enhance their appreciation of what they will be seeing, tasting, hearing, and even advising them on shopping and souvenirs. Each DS curriculum serves as a helpful resource long after you have completed the course.





North America

Northern Europe


“I’m happy to give credit to The Travel Institute. That Alaska test was hard, but I’ll tell you something, I keep those books on my bookshelf! Even though I’ve been to Alaska since then and know a lot more now than when I first started the course, I still consult those materials from time to time.”

Diana M. Hechler / Owner, D. Tours Travel