Certified Destination Specialist

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If, after taking one of our DS courses, you have made your destination specialty an important part of what you sell on a daily basis, we encourage you step-up to the Certified Destination Specialist level. What sets apart a Certified Destination Specialist from others is the fact that Certified Specialists not only have the “book knowledge” about a specific part of the world – but that they actually are familiar with the destination on a first-hand basis.

The Certified Destination Specialist designation isn’t available for every DS program offered. It is only available to the individual country/state programs. You are able to become a Certified Destination Specialist for the following: Alaska, France, Hawaii, India, Mexico, Spain, and Saint Lucia.

Requirements for the Certified Destination Specialist designation:

  • Pass the Destination Specialist test
  • Attain at least one (1) year of related industry experience (selling or servicing individuals to that particular destination)
  • Complete and submit the Certification Form and a Destination Visit Report for your specialty
  • Maintain your Certified status by completing a new Destination Visit Report every five (5) years.

Certified Destination Specialist Destination Report Requirements

Certified Destination Specialist Certification Form

The Certification form, Destination Visit Report and all supporting data should be submitted to:
Pat Gagnon, CTC
The Travel Institute
945 Concord Street
Framingham, MA 01701

You may submit your materials electronically to Pat Gagnon at: pgagnon@thetravelinstitute.com