Leadership Training for Today's Travel Professional

Welcome to the CTIE® Program

The Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE®) program is designed with the in-demand skills needed in today's leaders. It is more than just “being in charge.” A leader needs to be sure that they are focused on goals that are aligned with their company and that they have a team behind them that is focused on achieving those goals as well. Each of the online course topics builds upon each other – and you will see how the courses create a complete leadership preparation program.

What You Will Learn


Each core topic is supplemented with additional reading, interactive exercises, and travel related management topics.

Becoming an Excellent Leader

  • The Leadership Toolkit
  • Becoming a Followable Leader
  • How to Inspire and Empower Others
  • Building an Effective Leadership Team
  • Listening and Developing Yourself as a Leader

Coaching Skills

  • Developing Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Different Personality Types
  • The Coaching Conversation

Coping with Change

  • Change Phases
  • Change Behaviors
  • Change Model
  • Change for Managers

DISC Leading Styles

  • Understanding DISC Styles
  • Determining the Styles of Others
  • Mixing DISC Styles
  • Leading each DISC Style

Emotional Intelligence

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Developing Self-Awareness and Empathy
  • Developing Effective Relationships
  • Using DISC to Anticipate Emotions


  • The Negotiation Process
  • Framing, Styles, and Identifying Leverage
  • Planning for Negotiations
  • Reaching Agreement and Evaluating Your Performance

Strategic Leadership

  • Mission Statements
  • Vision Statements
  • Value Statements
  • Strategic Thinking


  • Effective Team Building
  • Team Development and the Tuckman Model
  • Characteristics of a Successful Team
  • Managing Teams in Crisis Situations

Transforming Leadership

  • Transforming the Organization
  • Dealing with Resistance
  • Creating Focus During Change

"My testing and preparation to receive the Certified Travel Industry Executive title serves as a ‘heads up’ to my colleagues that they are dealing with a person who is experienced, ethical and knows what they do, with accomplishments to prove it.As a tool for travel teams I work with, I urge my colleagues to certify to the level that best suits their current skills within the industry.I am quite proud of those four letters, worked hard for them, and they are noticed! "
David Vass, CTIE
David Vass, CTIE
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Cruise Business & Operations, Abercrombie & Kent Destination Management


How You Will Study


This program consists of a series of online videos delivered by experienced, engaging educators who provide you with practical advice that can be used immediately. These courses are available anytime 24/7 in our unique online environment.


Certified Graduates Benefit from Digital Credentials


Certification Requirements

Candidates must fulfill the following requirements to enroll:

  • A minimum of 5 years of industry experience selling travel
  • Candidates must fulfill the following requirements to earn their CTIE Certification: