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Guida BotelhoI’m Guida Botelho, CTA, Director of Training and I’m glad you are here. My primary responsibility is designing training programs for people like you.

Before joining The Travel Institute, I was training manager at Atlas Travel, where I created and implemented training for over 200 employees.

I served as a teaching assistant at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, and earned my bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. Today, I’m in a position to continue to help travel professionals who want to grow, and to guide travel managers who are responsible for employee development.

Let me help you. I have the practical experience to know the type of training that works best in different scenarios. Whether you are new to the industry, responsible for training agents, a manager who wants to be recharged, or an executive facing challenges that come with leadership, we have a training solution. Give me a call at 508-639-9417 or send me an email

In the meantime, this summary of training products may help you:

Where will YOU take your career? 

Email me and we’ll map out the next step on your educational journey!

“I’ve always felt that The Travel Institute offers the best training in the industry!”

-Margie Jordan, CTA, president of Jordan Executive Travel