Five Skills You Have But May Not Be Using

By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, President, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

Are you working at your potential?

Every one of us knows that when we really want something, need something or want to do something we probably can; outside of the obviously impossible.

My favorite poem Somebody Said That It Couldn’t Be Done by E. Guest, is hanging in my office and home. If you take the time to read it, you’ll understand.

We tell our kids, our employees, our spouses, even strangers, “if you really wanted to, you could/ would / you can be anything you want to be.”

So I challenge you. I’ve come up with a few skills we all have but some of us do not use. And it’s not only in the customer service arena, it’s pretty much all over. Dealing with, as I say, friends, family, etc.

A few skills most people have but don’t use or use very little are:

Patience – As we say at our house: “We have a lot of patience; never used any.” But that’s not true. We use patience when we ‘want’ something badly. So you have some; just using it sparingly, properly or advantageously. Patience with customers is key. And family members too.

Knowledge If you’re reading this you have knowledge. Some folks never learned to read. You have knowledge, but how are you using it? The old saying “when you’re through learning you’re through” is true.

Respect Your parents, your spouse, your kids, clients, the law, your word? We have the ability to respect, but we forget many times. The laws of respect are awesome. We teach our kids to respect. Are you respectful? Even to those we’re not that fond of !

Humor – Find me someone who doesn’t want to laugh. Even when we’re down and out, often times there’s one person or one thing that can make us laugh. Humor is one of the major skills in life. It will get you through more than most other things. Laughing with, not at, the problem. Are you using your sense of humor? Humor is non negotiable!

Smiling – Ok, there are folks who don’t do this. But the point of it is THEY CAN; they know how. They choose not to. Smiling is a skill that will bring you the most benefit. So many sayings on smiling:

*   If you see someone without a smile; give ‘em yours.

*   A smile is a frown upside down.

*   A phony smile is better than a real frown. (Telephone Doctor)

*   When You’re Smiling is a song by Larry ShayMark Fisher, and Joe Goodwin (June 6, 1889 – July 31, 1943)

It goes on and on. Use your smile more often. It goes a long way.


Nancy Friedman, President, Keynote Speaker Telephone Doctor Customer Service.

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