Five Ways Your Clients Can Enjoy Fall Foliage

It’s the time of year when bed and breakfasts throughout the northern and mountainous states start filing to capacity, and leaf peepers rejoice.

You may have some favorite places you send clients for optimum viewing. Certainly, what often springs to mind is New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest — the state’s number-one attraction when the maple and birch leaves reach their peak, usually in October.

But have you thought of the different ways your clients can soak up nature in all its glory? Here are five vantage points worth considering:

  1. From a boat. Many cruise lines — such as Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Seabourn — provide breathtaking views of the American northeast coast up through Canada. And your clients may spot lighthouses and humpback whales as a bonus along the way. But it also might be fun for clients to revel in the vibrant fall colors covering the banks of the Ohio River from the deck of the Belle of Louisville paddlewheel steamboat in Louisville, Kentucky.
  2. From a car. This common mode of transportation becomes uncommon when your clients are going for a ride in Washington state through the Cascade Mountains, the Olympic Mountains, and everywhere in between. Venues for wine tastings or chowder cookoffs make nice stopping points at day’s end.
  3. From a train. Pennsylvania is lovely in the fall, and train travel can be a restful yet exhilarating option for taking in the fiery seasonal hues. Time it right, and your clients can partake in a “Haunted Halloween” or “Trick or Treat” trip on the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad.
  4. On foot. What better way for clients to immerse themselves in nature than by hiking, backpacking, or camping in the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park throughout North Carolina and Virginia? And there are plenty of places to stop and listen to Bluegrass musicians.
  5. In a balloon. An up-close aerial view of the leaves in New Jersey would be absolutely amazing. And a champagne picnic among the treetops would be the perfect spot for a romantic wedding proposal.

Weave in some fall festivals, apple picking, and pumpkin carving, and the itinerary is complete. And to learn more about sites and attractions in the United States, Canada and Mexico, be sure to enroll in The Travel Institute’s newly redesigned North America Destination Specialist course.

If you’re a CTA, CTC or CTIE graduate, you’ll earn 10 CEUs for completing this course. Enroll today!