Now It’s Time to WOW

We’ve spent the last few weeks discussing how to show appreciation to your clients. Now you must take your service to another level. You have to find ways to set yourself apart and truly show your value. This translates into special touches for your customers.

After you have confirmed your clients’ itinerary, you have the perfect opportunity to create the WOW effect. You can do this by enhancing their travel experience with perks, surprises, and other above-and-beyond efforts. Even little things can translate into enormous satisfaction and create a lasting impression.

Creating the WOW factor does not have to be expensive. Making this extra effort is one way to help ensure that your clients come back to you for their future travel needs, so be sure to plan ahead and to budget for client appreciation expenditures.

You can vary the WOW effects based on your clients, their special interests, and individual needs. Be creative and have fun! Your passion and enthusiasm should shine through. Here are some ideas:


  • Send the client a movie, destination video, novel, or tour guidebook related to their travel destination. This will help them become even more excited about the travel experience you have created.

  • Mail a package with their printed travel documents that include a destination map, pocket foreign language dictionary, luggage tags with agency logo, and flash drive containing electronic documents, destination information, tipping guides, emergency numbers, restaurant suggestions, and more. Include a map of the city with different locations highlighted.

  • Send a gift card to a restaurant or coffee shop in their upcoming destination.

During Travel

  • Arrange for breakfast in bed or other surprise experiences.

  • Partner with the concierge to secure hard-to-get dinner reservations or show tickets.

  • Hire a professional photographer for one of your client’s special moments.


  • Save your clients from having to cook upon returning home. Have a thank-you note with a restaurant gift card waiting for them.

  • Regularly send greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory events.

  • For your volunteer tourism clients, consider making a donation to their organization of choice as a special thank you.


But that is not all…


All month long, we have been sharing ideas about how to enhance the customers’ travel experience. You demonstrated your outstanding acts of gratitude and appreciation by responding to our recent survey that asked the question:

“How do YOU show appreciation for your clients?”

Here are a few more of those inspiring ideas:

Laurie Marschall, CTA, of Lakama Travel in Phoenix said: “Prior to the trip, I’ll send destination info (books) or give them a travel bag they can put their electronics or paperwork in. After the trip, I like to provide a coffee table book (i.e., Shutterfly).”

Ingegerd Silvis, CTA, of Traterra Travel in Milwaukee said: “In-room gifts and as many upgrades as possible. I send emails before, during, and right after. Often, I make a phone call when they get back to talk about how it was. I make sure to listen to things that did not work out. Not just the good.”

Valerie Robbins, CTA, of Just Cruises and Vacations in Clinton Township, Michigan said: “I go to the local wine shop and make sangria that I bottle and finish with a thank you/bon voyage label. I also give them luggage tags with my info on them. I provide a coupon for airport parking and quart-sized freezer bags for TSA. I also sometimes give gifts onboard.”

This week’s Hot Tip Tuesday was based on materials found in the CTA Program’s Selling Special Interest Travel course.