Oh boy! There are rumors and studies about the psychology of those who take selfies. But hey, what do those shrinks know about marketing travel? So whether or not the report says we selfie shooters are narcissistic, just keep on taking those self-portraits because you can make great use of them when it comes to your everyday marketing activities. Before we get into those five ways to use a selfie, would you believe there are even studies that prove we manipulate the angle of the camera to make us look smaller and younger, (shoot from above, angled down) or taller and dominant (shoot from below, angled up). Who knew? But that’s good information. Something to keep in mind during the pose.

The art of taking a professional looking selfie is to have the image, with you in it. Not half a face looming in and not up close and blurry. Just a happy, causal pose in front of a gorgeous backdrop that says, “I’m a travel professional and I want your business.”

The selfie is a statement of your travel provenance. That image says you were there. Its proof of your travels and this is the key to using a selfie as a marketing tool. Before you release a selfie, always check what’s showing in the background. Look for naughty signage or tagged billboards for instance.

  1. Shoot group selfies or groupies, with you front and center. You’ll want every person in the group to be smiling because that’s what you’ll be marketing. Enjoyment. Make sure everyone on the tour receives a copy of your group shot. If you have the multimedia tools, add text to the image stating date and place.
  2. Print the photo and send it out to your client list. Print? Yes print. You know what happens when you e-send a photo. Nothing. It gets looked at for a second, then it’s lost in the cloud. Mind you the weird ones do seem to go viral. A hard copy print is handed around, put into albums, carried and talked about. The text on the hard copy print also carries the date and place. On the back you can stamp your agency contact details.
  3. Posterize yourself. Yes, go big. Have that hi-resolution selfie enlarged into a poster sized image and showcase your latest “I was there” shot in your agency window. Turn it into a competition by adding text: Guess where I’ve been? Offer up a social media link for drive-by to respond to. Have a small gift as a giveaway for walk-in responses. The idea here is to generate a response so you can engage someone in conversation and convert them into a prospect.
  4. The Selfie Power Wall. Well you might be Selfie shamed, but who cares. The selfie power wall showcases all the places you have been to. It’s your statement that you have travelled, you are knowledgeable and you are confident out there in the wide, wide world. Boast a little more. Add the number of countries you have visited. If you don’t talk about yourself, who will?  This Power Wall can also be showcased on your website.
  5. The Selfie e-Book. Finally a place to put all those selfies. Imagine a 100 page book, each page showing a selfie of you enjoying a different location with a story explaining the image, the destination, your likes and reasons for going. Once completed, you can publish your book in soft copy, produce an e-book for sale or as a giveaway. Either format gives you an excellent marketing tool that you can use to attract more clients, engage existing clients, hand out at your speaking engagement or travel event. You might even knock on the door of a supplier and ask if they would like to fund your book and have their logo stamped on the cover.  Don’t forget to produce it in PDF format, too. So easy to send out and for your clients to click through.

Right, over to your creative genius. Keep shooting those selfies. Decide on your selfie marketing plan and get selling.

Note: that long thing arm or selfie stick that appears in the frame is not so professional. Buy yourself a small tripod or Gorillapod and a remote shutter release. For smartphones try Shuttr.

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