5 Ways to Build Your List of Travel Leads

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It’s the challenge that every travel agent faces: how do you get more travel clients? Every client first starts as a lead, someone who is interested in your services or intrigued by your business and wants to learn more. So, your challenge really is to grow your list of leads, which you can turn into clients down the line! Here are five ways you can get more leads through the power of content marketing (plus, if you’re looking for even more lead-generating ideas, I’ve got something that will help at the end of this post!):

  1. Create an enticing lead magnet: A lead magnet (also known as an opt-in offer or IFO — that stands for Irresistible Free Offer), is a high-value piece of content that you give away for free, in exchange for a prospect’s email address. That way, you can add that prospect to your list and market to them via email. A lead magnet can be a free pdf guide (for example, a romance travel specialist might create a guide called “The Top 20 Most Romantic Resorts for Honeymoons”), but it can also be something like a video series, email challenge, or quiz.
  2. Market your lead magnet on your website: A lead magnet alone won’t pull in prospects — you have to market it! One way to do this is by creating a pop-up on your website that entices visitors to sign up for your lead magnet. You can use plug-ins like Bloom (for WordPress sites) or Pop-Up Ally to create your pop up, or ask your web designer for help. A tip: delay your pop-up by 60 seconds so you don’t annoy visitors — they don’t want to see a pop up as soon as they land on your site!
  3. Collect email addresses at trade shows — then follow up: When you exhibit at travel trade shows for consumers, make sure you have a way to collect email addresses from everyone who stops by your booth. Perhaps you can offer a gift basket or gift card as a prize — or you can even entice people to sign up to receive your lead magnet! Once you collect those emails, though, don’t just upload them to your list and forget about them. Create a follow-up email campaign that introduces your new leads to your travel business and nurtures them. Send them some juicy travel tips (related to the topic of the trade show you attended) and then ask them to book a consultation call with you.
  4. Link to your lead magnet in your blogs: Are you blogging? Then make sure you’re linking to your lead magnet sign up page in every blog post! This works especially well if your lead magnet and a particular blog post cover similar topics.
  5. Advertise your lead magnet on social media: Got a Facebook page for your travel business? Post a couple of times a month about your lead magnet, encouraging your fans to sign up for it — that way you’re turning FB fans into real leads!

The truth is, there are a lot of ways you can get more leads if you put in a bit of marketing effort — the five strategies above are just a drop in the bucket. In fact, if you want even more ideas on how to get leads using an IFO (a.k.a. a lead magnet), I have something for you: my MEGA List of IFO Marketing Ideas. It contains 16 proven ways you can grow your list of leads — leads that you can convert into dream travel clients. Download your mega list for free right HERE.

Emily Matras is the founder of Bon Vivant Copy, the copywriting and content marketing studio for travel professionals.

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