What Agents Need to Know   

As a travel professional, you are expected to know insider information on various travel destinations. It can be overwhelming when you’re new or haven’t visited the destination yourself. You’re still expected to:

  • Create sample itineraries for the destination.
  • Curate lists and descriptions of key landmarks, attractions, and local ground transportation options.
  • Write a narrative on the culture, celebrations, special events and public holidays to add value to the planning process
  • Offer shopping, dining and entertainment advice.
  • Sound like an insider by using local vocabulary and offering travel secrets.
  • Understand the seasons, temperatures, best times to travel, and geography that make planning realistic for the traveler.
  • Understand and explain customs, how to change money, and whether to tip.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you may be surprised to learn that all this information and more is available in all of The Travel Institute’s destination and lifestyle courses.

We are excited about the new addition to our specialist course lineup: the new Northern Europe course online. By completing Northern Europe—composed of Scandinavia and The British Isles—you can become proficient in that region’s vast cultural norms and culinary options, varying climates, rich history and architecture, inter-region travel methods, adventure travel options, and other nuances of the countries, while also tapping into professional sales strategies to close the sale. The course includes a convenient “Arrival Briefing” with one-click information on gateways, customs and immigration, health, changing money, tipping, business hours, public holidays, and telephones.

In this course, you’ll learn that sophisticated jazz clubs abound throughout the larger cities and towns of Denmark, that the snow season in Lapland can extend from September until the end of May, and that Finland offers some very unique choices of accommodations, including log cabins, igloo hotels, and houseboats.

You also may discover that Danes love the concept of hygge (being cozy and snug by shutting out the pressures of the outside world), that the Irish pride themselves on their storytelling and their gift of gab (craic in Gaelic means chat, which is synonymous with fun), that one of the highlights of any trip to Wales is the chance to enjoy the sounds of the many male choirs (over 100 of them) found throughout the towns and villages, and that Sweden offers your golf clients more than 400 courses to choose from in a season that stretches from mid-April to mid-October.

And if that knowledge wasn’t enough, the use of interactive maps, increased use of images, enhanced navigation, and mapping capabilities allows you to maximize your knowledge of Northern Europe. In addition, this program is searchable and scalable across all your devices, so this type of valuable information remains at your fingertips.

By successfully completing Northern Europe, you will earn a Northern Europe Destination Specialist certificate from The Travel Institute, along with 10 continuing education units (CEUs) for CTAs, CTCs, and CTIEs only, and you will have a powerful new marketing tool that makes it easier to promote your professionalism.

So, the next time you are selling Alaska, Caribbean, Hawaii, North America, Mexico, or Italy—make this your first stop. Or, become a premium member and receive all Destination and Lifestyle specialist courses for free!

There is much to learn, but, in this industry, learning is always fun! Equip yourself with the knowledge your clients will appreciate most.