Opening the Door to Villa Travel   

By Judy Sweetland, Director Marketing & Asset Management,    Private Trade Winds, Inc.

The world is now at the traveler’s fingertips, thanks to search engines and online booking sites, but, as we all know (because we’ve been there ourselves), nothing can take the place of human interaction, knowledge, wisdom, and, most importantly – the voice of reason and assurance! Siri and Alexa can’t even get the weather right, and I live in California where “sunny and warm” is a fairly safe forecast. Google Maps recently took me to a place that no longer exists, so I’m feeling a little hesitant about globetrotting via cyberspace. Call me crazy, but I like people – and that’s where you come in. Particularly, people who specialize. I’ve been thoroughly immersed in the world of villa travel for well over a decade – and I mean fully immersed – but ask me to book a cruise for you, and, well, you might as well ask Siri.

But first, what do I mean by Villa travel? There is a difference between a Vacation Rental and a Villa Vacation. The term Villa is used rather loosely and is often connected to apartments, hotels, motels, and more! Private Trade Winds defines a Villa as any classic or modern vacation rental that has been upgraded to a superior status. Additionally, the asset must be in a highly sought-after vacation destination, in a coveted location within that destination and include all the amenities of a five-star resort. You must be prepared to explain these differences to your clients.

Remember that specializing is key to success, and especially so in the luxury segment. When drilling down to a specialty within that segment, you will find the lucrative niche of villa travel. Luxury clients know what they want, and when they don’t, they expect you to know it for them. Doesn’t a one-hour clay mud wrap, followed by a 90-minute Swedish massage, sound fabulous? No – not to a person who doesn’t like to be touched! How about a round of golf at the Four Seasons Hualalai overlooking the Pacific Ocean? Probably not, if you’ve never picked up a club before. Yet you would be surprised how many amazing inclusions go to waste just because we tend to give the gifts WE like rather than taking the time to discover what our CLIENT would like. That’s the reason why Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, has sold more than 11 million copies, and it’s why the first step in opening the door to villa travel is to know your client!

I’m going to blow the door of villa travel wide open tomorrow in my 30-minute webinar—Opening the Door to Villa Travel—in which we’ll take a closer look at your client, and further explore who the villa traveler is, which villa experience is best for your client (yep, there’s more than one!), how the villa is managed, and what to look for in a villa supplier. We’ll also cover what questions you should ask the villa supplier, so both you and your client feel safe and confident in your choice.

Villa travel is fun! It’s fun for you, and it’s fun for your client. It’s the answer to many questions, like the father who asks you, “How can my family feel more connected while on vacation?” or the celebrity who asks “How can we have more privacy?” or the mom who asks, “On vacation, how can I protect my child who has serious food allergies?” The answer is a Villa Vacation.

Join us tomorrow at 1:00 pm EDT for Opening the Door to Villa Travel!