Three Reasons Why All-Inclusive Resorts Are a Good Fit for Your Clients

All-inclusive resorts continue to grow in popularity among travelers and travel agents alike. It’s not surprising because many travelers want relaxing, value-added vacation experiences, and, in turn, many travel agents want profitable, easily attainable revenue streams.

If you are considering specializing in this lucrative niche, you will find important information and practical tips in Selling All-Inclusive Resorts, one of the 15 modules contained in the Certified Travel Associate (CTA®) course. 

Here’s an example of how CTA certification and selling all-inclusives can impact your bottom line: 

After completing your CTA and learning new skills, you received a referral that turned into an all-inclusive resort booking of $6,500 with an 8% commission, plus a $375 travel insurance plan (with an additional 15% commission), and a $50 service fee.  

$6,500 x .08    = $520.00
$  375 x .15     = $  56.25
$  50 SF          = $  50.00

Total $             = $626.25

You made $626.25, and CTA tuition is $550 (a one-time payment). You received a 13.8% return on your investment

Now that we’ve piqued your interest in the CTA, here’s a wonderful excerpt from the Selling All-Inclusive Resorts module. 

What Is the Consumer Appeal of All-Inclusives?

All-inclusive resorts generally are an excellent option for leisure travelers who want a worry-free, hassle-free vacation. Here are three reasons why consumers are increasingly attracted to all-inclusives.

Value Chief among the many reasons all-inclusives hold such appeal for your customers is the notion of value. To sell all-inclusives, you must understand the difference between selling by price and selling by value. Value is the relationship between the price your customers pay and the benefits they receive.

It is wise to emphasize the inherent value of the benefits—rather than the price—that an all-inclusive vacation provides. 

Here are some components in which all-inclusive customers typically find great benefit, thereby enhancing their perception of the value of an all-inclusive vacation:

    • Comfortable accommodations
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks included
    • Unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks
    • Picturesque locations
    • Daily and evening entertainment
    • Extra room amenities and services
    • Variety of sports and activities
    • Off-site excursions and sightseeing
    • Honeymoon and wedding packages
    • Opportunity to build new friendships
    • New cultural experiences and activities
    • One-stop shopping and peace of mind

Quality Quality is in the eye of the beholder. A guest who enjoys gourmet cooking may define quality as a seven-course meal in a five-star restaurant, while another guest might consider a perfectly grilled hamburger the utmost in quality.

The appeal of all-inclusives, fortunately, is that nearly any customer can find a resort that suits his or her unique definition of quality—from accommodations and dining to activities and amenities. The diversity and endless variety of options offered by all-inclusives provide unlimited opportunity for you to emphasize quality as a selling feature.

Security Another reason all-inclusives appeal to consumers is the comfort that comes from knowing they have made a safe investment. No matter which destination customers choose for an all-inclusive resort stay, there is a good chance the resort is designed as a self-contained paradise, with controlled entrances and on-site security staff. 

Separate from their personal safety, all-inclusive guests may enjoy the additional security and peace of mind of powerful guarantees to ensure their complete satisfaction. These can vary widely. 

So how do you know which benefits will enhance value for your clients? Additionally, what steps must you take to skillfully select and recommend a resort that offers the level of quality your client expects? Finally, which resorts offer the most appropriate and appealing guarantees to provide your customers with an extra sense of security when they are planning all-inclusive vacations? 

For this depth of knowledge, you will need to explore the Selling All-Inclusive Resorts in the Certified Travel Associate (CTA®) program. You also can enjoy our recent webinar 5 Best Practices for Selling All-Inclusive Honeymoon Travel, available immediately if you have Premium Access to our vast education Library. If you can’t access the Library, now is the time to check it out!

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