When you are creating a sales message for wellness travelers, it is important to emphasize certain factors that appeal to them. You must be sensitive to the clients and consider their individual needs. And that is where your education—paired with your experience—becomes invaluable. 
A large part of your job is to educate clients, and—as the gold standard in travel education—The Travel Institute’s job is to educate YOU! We have partnered with the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) to launch the 2nd Edition of our very popular Wellness Travel Specialist Course to enable advisors to meet the demands of a growing traveler segment focused on incorporating healthful elements into their travel plans.  

The course includes an entire lesson devoted to developing your sales skills. The following is a small sample from the newly launched Wellness Travel Specialist program:

The Sales Message

Selling wellness travel products requires savvy, skill, and practice. You also must think strategically in planning your sales interaction with your clients.

Factors that can influence a buying decision include the wellness travel product itself, trends in the wellness space, exclusive and unique trip components, the timing and seasonality of the trip, the correlation between price and value, and ultimately, the relationship you have developed with your client that is based on trust, knowledge, and expertise. 
There is a growing number of wellness-focused travel products available today, and the list of options continues to expand. Whenever possible, personal visits to garner firsthand knowledge are important and often will help seal the deal.  

Geographic destinations are very important to wellness clients, especially those locations that are perceived to be destinations—such as Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica, Greater Palm Springs, Hawaii, Italy, and Switzerland—that welcome and cater to wellness-minded travelers. Many of your clients will be amenable to suggestions based on their specific wellness intentions and goals. This is where your experience and value as a travel advisor are especially important. You can help guide clients to the most suitable destinations of the world to meet their personal wants, needs, and demands. 
Be familiar with the latest trends and new developments in the industry. A few trends being witnessed by members of the WTA—and that are expected to continue—include:

    • more nature-based options 
    • more personalized and intention-based programs, plus greater flexibility with optional activities 
    • more corporate groups looking to incorporate wellness into retreats and executive summits
    • more fresh, local, farm-to-table culinary options

If travelers can find the travel product they are looking for on a website and do it themselves, why use a travel advisor? When focusing on the sales pitch, it’s important to focus on the unique opportunities YOU can offer your clients. Do the research and make sure you are working with the best supplier partners. The partners you choose to work with are an extension of you, your brand, and your philosophy. Always be asking for the newest ideas, events, and activities. Exclusivity does not need to be expensive. It could be as simple as indulging in a private yoga session at a safari lodge in Kenya or joining a local chef for a catch-of-the day experience in Barbuda. This is where you can shine, add value and gain a valued client for life.   
Timing and Seasonality
Your marketing message can incorporate value-added amenities, destinations, and exclusivity on a seasonal or availability basis. For example, you can urge clients to make their reservations early due to limited availability and consider traveling at off-peak times of the year to experience unique opportunities, too.  
If you are working with a wellness hospitality brand, such as Canyon Ranch or Miraval, note that they will have properties in different destinations. Therefore, for the best rates based on low or peak seasons, it is wise to check with their individual reservation departments.   
Your clients probably are savvy travelers. Like all travelers, they want good value for their money. Oftentimes, clients will adjust their budget to get the experience they desire. The value adds you receive through your consortium/host agency and preferred partners should always be highlighted as benefits provided exclusively by you to the client. 

This tidbit of learning is but the tip of the iceberg contained in the new course. Be sure to check out the Wellness Travel Specialist Course today and start on the path of becoming a specialist in this fun and popular niche!

We want to take the opportunity to thank all the wellness travel experts who were so generous with their advice to make this an unparalleled educational experience. We owe a huge thank you to all our sponsors who helped bring this course to life, in particular, Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority, BodyHoliday, Canyon Ranch, International Medical Group (IMG), Visit Greater Palm Springs, Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, our Insider Insights experts, and, of course, our co-author Anne Dimon. 

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