Week 3: Strategic Leadership & Transforming Leadership

Questions of The Week:

Strategic Leadership – Mission, Vision and Value are three small words with big impact. It doesn’t matter whether you are leading a small group, your child’s soccer team, or a large organization–without a mission, a vision or value, you will never achieve your goals. Describe each of these three powerful words and how they complement each other. 

Look at your long career and provide an example of when you felt a company’s mission, vision or value statements made an impact in the overall organization.


Transforming Leadership – The Dealing with Resistance course explains that resistance to change should be expected and can be managed effectively. Describe a change that happened in your business or organization. What was the biggest cause of the resistance and how was it overcome? 

Being in the travel industry often requires being innovative and open to new ideas. Describe a change that has happened in either the industry or your company where your being innovative helped you positively react to the change.s

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