By Diane Petras, CTIE, President of The Travel Institute

Part three of a three-part series

Last week, we proudly announced our 10th year of awarding 50% certification scholarships. If you are not yet certified with your CTA®, CTC®, or CTIE®apply today and seize this great opportunity.

As a dedicated professional, you may wonder, “What will certification give me that I don’t already have?” Last week, we explored the first five reasons certification is important for you and for the industry. Let’s continue with five more reasons to earn the industry’s most coveted credentials! 

1. Certification builds your confidence. The feeling of confidence soars after earning your certification. Making a commitment to yourself, devising a plan, working diligently and achieving your goal all contribute to a boost in confidence. It is one of those YES! moments, and that positive attitude spills over into all aspects of your life. You might even notice new body language! Start using your newfound power as soon as you graduate.

As a third generation certified travel professional, I knew my certification would mean a lot to my family, but still, it is amazing how quickly it has made a tangible difference for me in business—in both the level of confidence I have now and the level of respect others have for me.Bryan Pollard, CTA, Ambassador Tours

2. Certification saves you time. The insights and advice shared in-depth within The Travel Institute certification courses offer practical tips that can significantly enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in various job responsibilities. By applying this timely and tested knowledge, you can save invaluable time. The saying Knowledge is Power resonates, but Knowledge Saves You TIME holds even greater value and impact.

3. Certification takes you beyond your job experience. While on-the-job experience is invaluable, it is not the sole source of learning. Experience may strengthen you in certain areas, but certification opens doors to new skills, ideas, and opportunities you wouldn’t explore otherwise and provides renewed momentum for your career advancement. Testimonials from seasoned industry professionals who recently earned their CTC or CTIE echo this sentiment: 

    • Wish I had taken these courses last year! I learned so much about managing my team.
    • My company is implementing new software, and this course showed me how to deal with my frustrations. Really well done!
    • This comprehensive series was well delivered, and I have 10 legal pad pages of notes!
    • As CEO, I face complex leadership challenges, and these CTIE courses have helped. 

4. Certification enhances your networking. Your certification is a powerful brand differentiator. The prestigious recognition bestowed by The Travel Institute—renowned as the gold standard in travel education—strengthens your networking opportunities among industry colleagues. Suppliers applaud your dedication to your career, while consumers respect you as a true professional—all while expanding your networking potential.

5. Certification accelerates your travel career. Certification plays a vital role for career changers aiming to establish themselves as travel professionals. Coming from industries where certification held significance, these individuals seek the same benefits and status in their new careers. And certification empowers newcomers to the industry and provides a solid foundation for building their business from scratch.

In celebrating our 10th year of offering certification scholarships, we are committed to elevating professionalism and fostering growth in the travel industry. Join us on this transformative journey.

Scholarships are limited! So apply for your certification through The Travel Institute TODAY and unlock a world of opportunities. q

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