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Professionalism is one of those nebulous qualities to which most of us aspire but few can define. While a definition that incorporates all the elements of professionalism may indeed be unattainable, an understanding of professionalism in the travel workplace is a necessity for all those who wish to call themselves travel professionals. This course addresses the subject of professionalism broadly, focusing on desirable behaviors and attitudes practiced by professionals in the travel industry. It will help you view professionalism not as an abstract ideal, but as a business necessity grounded in practical behaviors you can practice each and every day.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand more fully your role as a travel “professional.”
  • Identify basic principles of ethical behavior in the travel workplace.
  • Realize the necessity of ethical codes of conduct.
  • Practice strategies to enhance your professionalism at work.
  • Write your own personal code of conduct and test it in real-life ethical dilemmas.

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