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Welcome to NTA’s Certified Tour Professional program. Satisfactory completion of Course One: Leadership, Management, and Administration, Course Two: Marketing and Sales, and Course Three: Financial Management courses are a requirement of the CTP program. Through these courses, you will explore the duties, tasks, and competencies as identified by experienced packaged travel professionals.

The CTP program content is designed to provide a broad overview. Through engagement with other industry professionals and attending NTA seminars and webinars designed to complement this content, you will gain an in-depth knowledge.
To best benefit from this education experience, it is recommended that you follow this system.

  1. Set aside specific time to review all of the information provided in this course. This is your time and should be free of other distractions and interruptions including the telephone and internet.
  2. Make certain you take periodic breaks from your studies. There is strong evidence that after 20 minutes of computer learning your ability to concentrate and recall facts, rapidly decreases. Therefore, it is important that every 20-30 minutes you stand up, stretch, and take a short five-minute break to regain your learning ability.
  3. When reviewing these materials make notes to record additional information you may have for the discussion/quiz section for this course.

At the conclusion of each course, there are a series of discussion/quiz questions. Make certain you take sufficient time to review the course material to accurately and comprehensively answer each question.

Now, enjoy your learning journey toward earning your CTP. Throughout this program, you will increase your education and further develop your professionalism as well as help advance the packaged travel industry.

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If you have questions, please contact:

Todd Probus

Education and Research Manager

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No information from the CTP course material may be shared, replicated or distributed without permission from NTA.

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