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Well done! Your decision to enroll in The Travel Institute’s TRIPKIT program is truly an investment in yourself and your future success. And the timing couldn’t be better because even the press has been touting the many benefits of booking travel through a travel agent. Y-E-S!

Through a blended learning environment built around three digital textbooks (Travel Career Development, Exploring the World), supporting workbooks, and an extensive interactive online Study Plan, you’ll master both the conceptual as well as the practical, real-world scenarios you’ll face as a travel agent each day. Of course, the TAP® Test, while optional, clearly demonstrates your commitment and industry expertise to your clients and suppliers.

So ready, set, go. Let the learning begin!



The Travel Institute is not responsible for the results of actions taken based on opinions, recommendations, or advice offered in this course. All rates are published for illustrative purposes only. The Travel Institute is not responsible for the accuracy of rates or descriptions of the properties and services of suppliers reproduced in this course.

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