With more than 8 million people directly working in travel-related jobs in the U.S., you can bet there are lots of different employment opportunities available to you. If you’re just starting out in the travel industry, the most pressing question may be “what career path is best for me?” Or, if you have some years under your belt, you might be asking “what’s next?” The Travel Institute is here to help you.

What’s It All About?

The Travel Institute has been preparing individuals for successful and rewarding careers in the travel business since 1964. In fact, more than 25,500 people have completed our certification courses with thousands more enrolling in our specialists programs. In addition, insightful webinars on a variety of topics draw large virtual crowds on a weekly basis. This comprehensive and diverse training portfolio provides a solid foundation of knowledge regardless of where you are in your career path.

Follow A Proven Career Path

We know that people’s job interests, goals, and work experiences vary greatly. Some of you may be just starting out in the travel industry while others may be headed to that managerial or C-suite position quite soon. This graphic illustrates a logical progression of steps to success through your hard work and the support of The Travel Institute.

Travel Career Path

At Cadence, we believe that while travel careers are stemmed from a passion for travel, relevancy, and education are the passport to success. We [recommend that] our “new to the industry” travel advisors complete The Travel Institutes TRIPKIT with the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP®) exam. This enables them to immediately be relevant in our travel organization and gives us the ability to further customize their business strategy on an individual level.


The Travel Institute has been so instrumental in my travel career, I cannot thank you all enough for all that you do

Maryellen Yeager, CTIE / Independent Contractor, OASIS/Palm Coast Travel, Owner, Plane to Sea Travel, and OSSN Chapter Director RI/South Central MA