TAP® Test: Travel Agent Proficiency Test

Travel Agent Proficiency Test

The TAP® test or Travel Agent Proficiency is the first step towards professional recognition. Often included at the end of entry-level training programs, the test allows candidates to demonstrate that they have mastered the basics of the travel industry – selling skills, basic geography, and the items/products sold by travel counselors.

The Test

The test is a proctored* test consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are given two hours to complete the test.

*Proctor Requirements: A test proctor is required for this test. The proctor is someone chosen by the candidate and their responsibility is to be sure that the candidate isn’t using any books, notes or reference materials while testing. The proctor chosen should be a) over 21, b) not related to the candidate, and c) not currently preparing to take the TAP® test themselves.

TRIPKIT Purchasers

If you have prepared for the TAP test through your studies of the TRIPKIT, your test fee is included in your purchase. You should request your test by completing our regular Test Request Form and choosing “Other” for the type of test, and then “TAP Test for TRIPKIT purchasers” from the test drop-down list.

TRIPKIT TAP Test Request

Ashworth College and Penn Foster Students

 If you have prepared for the TAP test through your studies with Ashworth College or Penn Foster Career School, please visit your “My Courses” page and download the Proctor Acceptance Form. That form should be returned to your school. They will advise The Travel Institute the delivery instructions for your test.


The cost is $95. You can pay for the test and provide The Travel Institute with the testing date and proctor information by making a Test Registration and Purchase.

Registration and Purchase Form