The travel industry is growing and has a significant need for new agents, who are now entering the industry from all stages and walks of life.

Take the leap today and make your dream of launching a travel agent career a reality.

Diane Petras, CTIE

Diane Petras, CTIE
president of The Travel Institute

Is it Time for Your TRIP of a Lifetime?

If you are looking to start or reset your career and become a travel professional, welcome! You are in the right place at the right time! Indeed, the entire Travel Institute team is here to guide you as you venture out on your Trip of a Lifetime.

Every year, The Travel Institute trains more than 2,000 students at varying levels of experience. As a TRIPKit student, you will learn about each segment of the travel industry, how to book travel, set realistic goals, connect with the right networks, and become a travel professional. TRIPKit provides a solid foundation by providing the knowledge and confidence needed for success, while passing our TAP® test will help you demonstrate your new knowledge to colleagues and consumers. 

Once on your way, you will travel, share best practices, and become a global ambassador. Sounds wonderful—and it is—but you need to know that being a true professional requires a disciplined approach, along with an understanding of how the distribution chain works, the role of technology, marketing, networking know-how, and more. You’ll also need patience and a deep desire to work with different personalities and counsel all to ensure they make the best travel choice for themselves. In addition to being a travel expert, you’ll also learn to be a savvy business person. 

Consider who and what will give you the tools you need for success. The Travel Institute provides the education, but you provide the commitment, drive, network- and relationship-building that’s just as important. Along the way, we’ll be here to coach, encourage, support, and celebrate your success.

Are you ready to hit the start or reset button for a career in travel? If yes, take the first and most important step by registering for TRIPKit. Buckle up! It will be your TRIP of a Lifetime!

Safe travels,

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We trained more than 2,000 new travel agents last year alone, and we’ve trained hundreds of thousands more since 1980.
Here’s what others have to say about  our Introductory Training Course – TRIPKit℠:
Akua Washington

TRIPKit has been invaluable for our Travel Agency Operations Certificate program. Becoming a successful travel agent takes time, effort and ongoing education. Written by industry insiders, TRIPKit gives students the start they need, enabling practical application of travel booking concepts and teaching students exactly what they need to know wherever their travel career might take them.

Akua Washington / CHIA, CMP and lead instructor at Georgia’s Gwinnett Technical College

We believe investing in learning creates quality agents with a much greater opportunity to be successful for themselves and for their travelers. We are delighted to partner with The Travel Institute ongoing for the educational tools that enable that success.

Rhonda Stanley / CTC and vice president of talent development at The Travel Agent Next Door (TTAND) in Toronto, Ontario

Completing TRIPKit helped me enter the travel industry with confidence. I’m still learning new things all the time but I have a strong foundation and know I am adding value to my clients’ itineraries.

Cindy Stafford / Recent program graduate

The Personality of a Travel Pro: Is it Yours?

Hopefully, these traits resonate well with you. Perhaps you need to strengthen a few to guarantee success, but now you know what it takes!

The TRIPKIT curriculum is designed to provide you with the expertise in critical areas that all travel professionals must have to be successful in this rapidly changing industry. The learning experience is in-depth, self-paced and delivers an engaging blended-learning online and print format.

TRIPKIT is built around two college-level textbooks and related workbooks, plus an extensive online learning component focused on real-world, real-work experiences. The TAP® test or Travel Agent Proficiency is the first step towards professional recognition and is included upon completion to measure the knowledge and skills gained. You also receive the home-based agency overview along with an online Launching a Travel Business: The Entrepreneur’s Checklist, including advice and a printable workbook to navigate the initial business launch considerations including tax structure options, technology requirements, and marketing opportunities as well as advice critical to businesses long term. The knowledge gained from this course will help you make informed decisions whether you launch your own business or seek employment with an established agency. This is what’s included:

What’s Included?

Exploring The World Textbook

Exploring the World Textbook

Exploring the World opens the world to you like no other geography course you have experienced. You will see the world as travel folks see it … as a kaleidoscope of places, people and experiences just waiting to be sampled.

Travel Career Development Textbook Cover

Travel Career Development Textbook

Hundreds of thousands of students have used Travel Career Development textbook as a key to unlocking a career in the travel industry. In its pages, you will learn the art of selling travel, they keys to servicing customers, the variety of experiences you may be selling, as well as the myriad directions your career in travel can take you.

Home Based Travel Agency Textbook

Learn how to start your home-based travel business with minimum outlay and maximum return on your investment of time and money. Nothing is left to the imagination as every detail of the start-up process is disclosed in great detail.

Travel Introductory Program Online


 TRIPKit’s interactive online component tackles the practical, real-world scenarios you’ll face as a travel agent each day. The online learning provides recommended study timelines, videos from industry experts, quizzes, industry resources, and much more.

Launching a Travel Business: The Entrepreneur’s Checklist

Travel Business Checklist

This online course is a step-by-step comprehensive checklist of actions you should take to jump-start your successful journey of launching your travel business.  It includes advice and a printable workbook that becomes your personal roadmap to success.

The TAP® test

The TAP® test or Travel Agent Proficiency is the first step towards professional recognition. Often included at the end of entry-level training programs, the test allows candidates to demonstrate that they have mastered the basics of the travel industry – selling skills, basic geography, and the items/products sold by travel counselors.


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