The Value of Certification: Certification = Confidence and Credibility, Success and Sales
Part two of a two-part series.

Last week, we shared comments from TTI certification program graduates about the messages certification sends to the world.

This week, we asked our alumni to describe to their uncertified colleagues some of the benefits they have enjoyed since earning their credentials.

This is what they said:

Confidence and Credibility

  • As a travel professional, certification is an important piece of reflecting my dedication to the profession. When I share with people that I have received the CTIE Certification, it helps build credibility. In addition, it opens up dialogue around what the certification is and what I did to earn it. Take the time and invest in yourself by taking the certification. I highly recommend completing any training that is going to reinforce your commitment to this profession. Once done, share it with everyone and have the conversation so they know you are a professional travel expert committed to learning and growing. They will definitely feel validated in doing business with you and want your expert opinion in planning their vacation. —Drew Daly, CTIE World Travel Holdings
  • The confidence and credibility will be the most valuable differences being certified will make in your career. —Gena Garcia, CTA Automobile Club of Southern California
  • My CTA achievement has given me more confidence and, I believe, more credibility. Whenever I see a degree or achievement designated after someone’s name, it gives me a little more confidence in their abilities. —Amy Shapiro, CTA Wave Goodbye Vacations and Honeymoons
  • Certification has provided me both personal confidence in my knowledge and abilities as a Travel Advisor and credibility with my clients. There are many travelers seeking professional assistance with their vacations. Your CTA credentials show your clients you’re the professional they are looking for. —Zac Wilson, CTA Daydream Vacations

Success and Sales

  • It’s been proven that agents with certification from The Travel Institute average over 50 percent more travel sales per year than agents with no certification. The numbers don’t lie. And that success story can easily be yours. So, I encourage all of you to make a statement to your clients, your colleagues and yourself and invest in the certification programs from The Travel Institute. —Vicki Freed, CTC Royal Caribbean International
  • My CTA & CTC professional certification training has been far more than just studying to pass a test to earn a certification. It has benefited me by helping me learn business methods and practices that will help make me a professional travel advisor. My certification has also provided me the tools necessary to assist in operating a successful business. —Hans Hess, CTC Cruise & Vacation Planners
  • I can’t stress the importance and success rate of this program after completion! My agency’s bookings and revenue increased exponentially! —Rowanne Gallo, CTC Globetrotters, Ltd.
  • At Cadence, we believe that, while travel careers are stemmed from a passion for travel, relevancy and education are the passports to success. By providing learning opportunities for growth, we inspire our advisors to be both creative travel visionaries and savvy professionals. —Wendy Burk, CTA Cadence Travel
  • Achieving my CTC certification through The Travel Institute was a great investment to my future and has opened up new opportunities for advancement. It also provided something no one can ever take away, which is knowledge and skills I will apply in every opportunity I am given. The travel industry is ever-changing, and the more you proceed to learn, the more successful you will become. —Stacey Lee, CTA AAA Club Alliance
  • To my colleagues-There is something to be said about furthering yourself and taking each continued step in this career. On a day-to-day basis, we get into a routine where we service and cater to our clients and tend to forget about ourselves. Continued education is invaluable. The inspiration and the acknowledgment by my clients & peers are priceless. It will alter your bottom line in more ways than imaginable. —Sabine Graf, CTA LetsUTravel, Inc.

You can see it’s a FACT that certification translates into dollars. In 2017, an independent survey of nearly 2,000 travel professionals revealed that agents with TTI certifications reported significantly higher sales and income than non-certified agents.

So, the question is: Do you want to sell more, make more, and receive more referrals? Invest in yourself during our Promote Your Professionalism event this July—with 50% scholarships on certification—and break through to your next level of success. And after you’ve earned your certification, you will have a powerful new marketing tool that makes it easier to promote your professionalism. This is the perfect opportunity for you to join the 25,000+ colleagues who have realized the tangible benefits of certification from The Travel Institute.

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