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CTA, CTC, and CTIE certification programs.

I can’t stress the importance and success rate of this program after completion! My agency’s bookings and revenue increased exponentially!

Nexion Agent

Rowanne Gallo, CTC / Owner & Operator Globetrotters, Ltd

Certified Travel Associate

The new curriculum was written by subject matter experts and covers 15 critical areas of study designed to teach you how to be the very best travel professional. The learning experience is in-depth, thought-provoking, and delivered in a variety of blended learning formats. The Certified Travel Associate (CTA) program is a practical, real-life approach to your on-the-job success.

Certified Travel Counselor

The learning toolbox that makes up the Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) program prepares you to face the new demands of today’s travel managers. Each of the online course topics builds upon each other – and you will see how the courses create a complete management preparation program.

Certified Travel Industry Executive

The Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) program is designed with the in-demand skills needed in today’s leaders. It is more than just “being in charge.” A leader needs to be sure that they are focused on goals that are aligned with their company and that they have a team behind them that is focused on achieving those goals as well.

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