From the Desk of Guida Botelho CTIE, Senior Director of Education 

From the Desk of Guida Botelho CTIE, Senior Director of Education 

I’ve had a little extra pep in my step because there has been an upswing in the travel industry for several months. One of the opportunities I’m seeing is the resurgence of new talent joining our amazing world of travel, as well as renewed dedication to professional growth. Some of you reading this message are new to the industry, while others are looking for new talent to join their organization. 

In either case, you may be looking for ways to jumpstart your travel business and career. The first step always MUST be education. We no longer can expect product and supplier knowledge to be enough for a frontline sales agent to succeed. As industry professionals, we must ensure that our industry remains bright and strong. 

That is why The Travel Institute is proud to offer you the single most-comprehensive introductory training program in the travel industry: the TRIPKIT

The newly launched TRIPKIT 5th Edition introductory training course—with all-new expert insights, an enhanced study plan, and substantial updates—provides an accessible, seamless learning experience that coaches new agents with the knowledge and know-how they need to succeed. 

Here is a five-minute deeper look into the TRIPKIT program and what it covers. 

Why is this program important? In my 24 years in this industry, I’ve learned that those who commit to learning the industry FIRST are the most successful and have higher earning potential. You never would expect to be a success without proper training in any profession, and that is especially true in the complicated, fast-paced travel industry.

Does TRIPKIT take the place of your training with a host agency? Absolutely not. It provides the bedrock foundation that allows you to better assimilate training from your host.

How can you learn more about a career in travel? Take a look at our FREE informational webinar, Preparing for a Career in Travel, available 24/7!

For owners or managers: Did you know we have a list of TAP graduates on our website? If you are looking for new agents that are educated and ready, start here. I recently presented a session called You Hired a New Person…Now What? This webinar is available in the Premium Access Library. If you are starting a training program to attract new agents, watch this session. You can discover how the TRIPKIT will help you create a stronger sales force!

I hope you now see why I have extra pep in my step these days. I see so many opportunities for all of us to grow from past years’ experience and become stronger travel professionals. The entire team at The Travel Institute continues to work hard every day to make sure you have access to the best education possible throughout your travel career; it’s up to YOU to take advantage of it!

If you have Premium Access, all recorded webinars–plus 13 specialist courses–are in your Premium Library. If not, sign up today to receive all Destination and Niche Market courses, plus amazing power sessions from sales to marketing, destinations, business development, and more. 


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