Travel is not just about selling but also about providing the answers and information needed for my clients’ proposed trips. I can represent myself as a professional because of The Travel Institute and my Premium membership.

Frederika Ebel, CTA / Agent

Being a member of a prestigious learning institution like The Travel Institute signifies my commitment and dedication to higher learning. This also translates to consumers as they can trust me and are willing to spend their money with a company that is constantly growing and strengthening my knowledge-based specialties to provide them with the best services possible.

Nicole Alford, CTA / Agent

What’s It All About

The Travel Institute offers two levels of membership: Basic and Premium. While membership is not a requirement to access most of our services, the affiliation does provide an array of valuable benefits (like 10-12 free webinars per month!) regardless if you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for years. Your membership in The Travel Institute also demonstrates your commitment to a higher standard both for yourself as well as the entire travel industry.

Find Out More

Attend a webinar and learn how Member Access is the on-demand training solution for many busy travel professionals, the turnkey staff training solution for agencies, and the place to start a career in travel for new professionals looking to soak up knowledge from industry veterans and experts. A special, limited-time offer will be extended to all attendees!

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