Selling Sunny Spain!

Selling Sunny Spain!

The minute you say you are a travel professional, clients assume you have traveled all parts of the globe. The reality is that’s not always the case. The combination of firsthand experience and access to quality resources is what will give you the confidence to tailor the right trip for your clients. 
Acquiring destination knowledge is the key to your success. We always are excited to share the critical inside information you need to help you rise above the competition. This week, we’re focusing on sunny Spain and are delighted to present our webinar, Learn About the Basque Country and La Rioja Regions in Spain, on April 28 at 12:00 pm (EST), by Jesus Repetto, Co-Founder and CEO, Titanium Tours. 

To increase your knowledge on Spain and the surrounding countries, explore our Southern Europe Destination Specialist Course. If you are a subscriber of our Premium Library, you can access this course immediately as one of your many benefits. If you do not yet have access, check out this repository of hundreds of layers of learning! Here, you can pick and choose—cafeteria style—many diverse regions and still be able to discuss them knowledgeably with your clients. 
The following is an excerpt from our Southern Europe Destination Course:
Islas Baleares (Balearic Islands)
The Islas Baleares, in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain, receive more tourists than any other area of Spain, including the Costa del Sol. Beach activities and nighttime partying are the prime reasons for visiting the Islas Baleares, but the islands’ distinctive culture and atmosphere are other attractions. July and August are the height of the tourist season, but the weather on the islands is delightful from May through October. The winters are mild but more rainy. 

Ibiza—The island of Ibiza is a major European destination. It has catered to the avant-garde, the hip, and the trendsetters who seek its glittering, glamorous nightlife. But visitors will have much to do in the daytime, as well—viewing performances of its ball pagès (Ibiza’s unique traditional peasant dance) and exploring the alleys of its impressive fortress (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Ibiza sets the stage for world-class restaurants and vineyards with a seaside backdrop.

Sant Antoni’s beach environs have the largest selection of hotels and resorts, but the two other tourist centers, the cities of Ibiza and Santa Eulalia, are less than 10 miles away; the three fuse into one tourist complex. The small island of Formentera, which has numerous lovely, secluded beaches, is a popular day trip. The ferry ride takes about an hour. 

Mallorca—By far the largest of the three major islands, Mallorca has a wide variety of scenery and diversions. Roads wind past breathtaking coastal vistas; mountain ranges break up fertile plains; 74 listed beaches await travelers’ whims and picturesque fishing villages; museums, monuments, and nonstop nightlife complete the picture.

The Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) offers both exhilarating trekking and tranquil bird watching. Palma de Mallorca, the largest city in the Baleares, is a busy airport hub with a remarkable collection of cultural and historical sites, including a 13th-century cathedral and a hilltop castle with stunning views of the city below.

Neighboring beaches to the east and west of Palma have their own villas and resort hotels in considerable variety. Not to be missed are the fascinating caves and rock formations, such as Cuevas dels Hams, Cuevas del Drach, and Coves de Campanet.

Menorca—Menorca is east and slightly north of Mallorca. Its ambience is defined by a much quieter pace than its two sister islands and by the prehistoric remains left by people who enjoyed its forests, beaches, and seaside 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. The island’s major attractions for visitors are the hundreds of ancient megalithic constructions believed to be the foundations of homes, watchtowers, and tombs.  

The charming Ciutadella (Citadel)—one of the most visited cities on the island—tops most visitors’ list of must dos and includes the iconic Cathedral of Santa Maria—built in the classic Catalan Gothic style—and the Plaza Des Born—the city’s old main square.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief visit to Spain and are inspired to recommend and customize amazing travel adventures for your clients. For many more opportunities to explore the world, be sure to visit our Premium Access Library today!


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