By Diane Petras, CTIE, President of The Travel Institute

Part two of a three-part series

It’s here! We are thrilled to announce our 10th consecutive year offering 50% Certification Scholarships to all travel professionals looking to improve their knowledge and develop their professionalism! Apply today.

The 10th year of certification scholarships is a fitting time to reflect on the thousands of graduates who have reaped the benefits of these programs and ask… 

Why does certification matter? 

Time and time again, we hear the industry has no certification requirement or education standard. Given that, you may wonder why you should pursue your CTA®, CTC®, or CTIE®. What exactly do you have to gain?

This week, we explore the first five of 10 reasons why certification holds paramount importance in your industry today.

1. Certification increases your earnings. Many of our students see a significant increase in earnings, with some experiencing a boost of 20% or more after completing their certification. To illustrate the financial impact, let’s consider an example of CTA certification:

Upon completing your CTA—and gaining the knowledge and confidence necessary to take risks, enhance marketing strategies, and take decisive action—you have received a referral that results in an all-inclusive resort booking of $6,500 with an 8% commission. Additionally, there is a $375 travel insurance plan (with an additional 15% commission) and a $50 service fee.


$6,500 x .08    = $520.00
$   375 x .15    = $  56.25
$   50  SF        = $  50.00

Total $             = $626.25

In this scenario, you earned $626.25, while the tuition for CTA certification is $550 (a one-time payment). Thus, you achieved a remarkable 13.8% return on your investment. Learning more equates to earning more, and, by enrolling in a 50% scholarship this month, your return becomes even greater!

This course has helped increase my awareness in all areas of the travel industry and has given me so much confidence when selling that I doubled my bookings!Linda Ann Luizza, CTA, Treasures in Travel

2. Certification differentiates your brand. In an industry where competition is fierce, certification sets you apart from inexperienced, less educated peers. When customers inquire, employers interview, or colleagues compare, your certified status becomes a potent and visible differentiator. Use and promote your certification. If you need help, we have tools for you, including one that showcases and explains your credentials to the outside world.

3. Certification develops you as a mentor and leader. As the adage goes: First you see one, then you become one, and then you teach one. By attaining certification, you position yourself to provide guidance and leadership to others. Remember those who inspired you and pay it forward. Leadership and, therefore, mentorship is a two-way street, where the teacher often learns as much as the student. The lessons you impart serve as reminders to follow your own advice.

I love the CTC. I am actually working on setting up a modified version of the mentoring program that I just introduced to the agents on our training call today!Laura Schiely, CTIE, Must Love Travel 

4. Certification is your invitation into an elite club. Your credentials open the doors to an exclusive community of insightful individuals who also have earned their credentials. When attending conferences or networking events, actively look for fellow certified professionals, exchange business cards, and leverage this peer group to strengthen your business. For those currently studying for certification, take advantage of study groups and test prep webinars. Stay connected with your classmates throughout your career. Engaging with peers is essential for personal growth and business development.

5. Certification initiates your continuous learning. Certification does not end when you graduate; rather, it signifies the beginning of a lifelong commitment to learning. Maintaining your certification requires completion of 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) annually. Dedicate time to delve deep into new destinations or specialties, enriching your skill set and expanding the range of services you offer clients. Remain curious and seize every opportunity to learn something new. By doing so, you earn respect and admiration and become a role model for success.

Certification holds immense value in the travel industry, propelling individuals toward professional growth and development. Stay tuned for the final part of our series, where we explore five more reasons certification is crucial in our industry.

There are a limited number of scholarships available, so seize the opportunity TODAY to get certified! 

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