Clients DO Care About Credentials and Here’s Why

People are wired to care about credentials. In fact, competency assessment has been around since medieval times when guilds, or associations, were created so skilled craftsmen could pass on their knowledge to apprentices. Consumers began to look for a craftsman’s guild emblem to ensure consistency and confidence in workmanship. For tradesmen, this emblem was an honor that brought prestige and financial benefits.

Today’s travelers realize they need a skilled, educated travel professional to be their navigator. Certification through The Travel Institute ensures (1) you have the skills, accomplishments, and experience needed to succeed as a travel professional and (2) you can easily showcase your expertise to others. So, just how do you do that?

The first step is to earn your CTA®, CTC®, or CTIE® credentials from The Travel Institute. To help you, The Travel Institute once again is presenting its 10th Annual Promote Your Professionalism 50% scholarship campaign through July. To apply, individuals must complete The Travel Institute’s scholarship form.

After you have reached this highly sought-after, elite status, it is critical to put energy into marketing it to your personal and professional network. We can help you there, as well!

As a certified graduate, you will benefit from FREE online marketing tools—such as digital credentials—which enable the consumer to quickly verify your stated certification. Additionally, you will be included in The Travel Institute’s Certified Travel Agent Directory, where consumers look for skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable experts like YOU!

Your education and experience become part of your brand; its purpose is to communicate your identity and to distinguish you and your agency from the competition. It may be time to hone your brand to highlight your expertise, reinforce your brand promise and expand your client base. To find out how to accomplish this, be sure to enroll in Fine Tuning Your Brand, TOMORROW, July 26, at 1:00 pm (EST) presented by Paula Hayes, retired Vice President of Sales for the Globus Family of Brands, and Kim Specht, CTIE, Manager for Travel Career Advancement at The Travel Institute.

Your peers have discovered the value of earning AND displaying their certifications:

I love this benefit from The Travel Institute!! I’ve added it to all my signature lines! Thank you to whoever thought of and put into action this idea!Amy Shapiro, CTA, Wave Goodbye Vacations LLC

I was really impressed with the depth of information. It’s clear that every module was carefully built. And, the support from The Travel Institute was amazing; the team is always available and eager to help, while the Facebook support group was a fantastic way to stay informed, connected and motivated throughout the process! —Glorycell Melendez, CTA, V. Suarez & Company, Inc.

Lately, there has been an increase in “Travel Agents” in my small town. I have changed my marketing message to focus on my credentials, specifically my CTA. My opening line is “In the growing industry of Travel Agents and Travel Agency Franchises, there is a popular phrase … ‘No Experience Necessary.’ But you deserve better. I’m a Certified Travel Associate and a CLIA Certified Cruise Counselor. The worst time and place to discover that the details of your trip have been mismanaged is while you’re on vacation.” —Zak Wilson, CTA, Daydream Vacations LLC

You’ve always worked hard to be your best and to set yourself apart from the masses. Becoming certified and marketing it well elevates your value, tells your story and appeals to your clients’ need to be associated with the very best.

Now is the time to earn your certification and demonstrate to your clients and potential clients that they are in good hands. Act quickly to take advantage of the 50% scholarship opportunity. Apply today! 

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