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The Sales Cycle  

The Sales Cycle   How does YOUR sales cycle flow? The sales process is dynamic, fluid and subject to unforeseen challenges at any point. While your techniques for dealing with these challenges may vary, the process for leading customers to a buying decision remains essentially the same. Step One: Identify Customers This involves two activities: finding […]

Words That Confuse

Words That Confuse Being correct in your writing and speaking means choosing words that correctly communicate what you mean. That seems easy enough, but there are certain words that confuse even the best writers. The following list describes some commonly confused words. Advice, advise: Advice means a recommendation on what to do. (I have some advice on […]

The Special Challenges of Working from Home

The Special Challenges of Working from Home Working remotely often is a much coveted benefit. However, that unstructured time can lead to an imbalance between your work and home lives. There are many unique challenges of a home office. Kids, toys, the laundry that is calling your name. The neighbors who think that, just because […]

11 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release

11 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release Let’s say you’ve just partnered with a new wellness supplier and want to get the word out about several unique packages to some really off-the-chart spa resorts. While much of your marketing strategy will be built around various social media platforms, don’t overlook the value of the […]

Four Business Fears That Might Be Holding You Back

Four Business Fears That Might Be Holding You Back Many adults have fears when it comes to doing business. Whether your fears are rational or irrational, they CAN be overcome. Are you afraid of public speaking? It’s commonly cited that people fear speaking in public more than death itself. But for a small business owner, being […]

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions 

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions  The travel industry is a service profession. To deliver outstanding customer service, you and your business depend on a strong bond with your clients. The bonding process begins with your first interaction with customers — in person, on the phone, or on social media — because that interaction will form […]

Promote Your Professionalism 

Promote Your Professionalism  What is a professional? The term is used to describe people who earn their living by practicing a skill or engaging in an activity that requires expertise. But, being a professional means more than mastering a specific body of knowledge. A true travel professional demonstrates a certain attitude and a commitment to […]