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Fun and Festivals in Portugal! 

Holidays often bring to mind the Christmas markets in Europe. But there are events and festivals year round throughout the continent. Today, let’s consider the wonderful culture and activities in the very hot destination of Portugal. Speaking of the holidays, the gift of education fits everyone! And The Travel Institute has launched its annual Season […]

Nontraditional Cruises 

Lately, we’ve been getting reacquainted with fundamental and crucial components of the travel industry. We’re going to close our examination with this week’s topic: nontraditional cruises. We’re intentionally not addressing traditional cruise destinations or itineraries. For that, you should invest time in our comprehensive travel introductory program, the TRIPKIT, which focuses on real-world agent experiences, […]

We’re Thankful for YOU!

This is our favorite time of year as, across the country, so many express their gratitude for the personal and professional relationships that matter to them most. For us, we cannot say it enough: WE VALUE YOU and the thousands of travel professionals who count on The Travel Institute’s educational curriculum—whether daily, weekly, monthly, or […]

Air Travel: Non-Stops, Direct Flights, Round Trips, Circle Trips…

This month, we continue to go back to the basics, reinforcing principles and filling in some gaps in learning. As an educated travel professional, part of your role is to save travelers time and money and to provide peace of mind. So, it’s important to revisit foundational concepts from time to time. If you need to […]

How Many Types of Global Accommodations Can You Name?

Our journey back to the basics continues today. Let’s focus on a sector of the travel industry that all leisure and corporate agents must understand: Accommodations. Interestingly, the expectations of what lodging should provide differ around the globe. Many Europeans, for example, might not expect a private bath but would be shocked to find no bidet. On […]

Components of a Tour

We are continuing to highlight basic concepts from areas of travel. This week, we’re addressing the building blocks of successful tours and FITs. For a thorough examination of this topic, we suggest you enroll in The Travel Institute’s TRIPKIT, the gold standard in education for agents who are new to the industry. And don’t miss the […]

What Is Your Road Map to Success? A Business Plan, of Course!

As we have been discussing, there is much to learn when becoming a travel agent and advisor. Last week, we discussed options for your business structure. Today, let’s focus on starting that successful business.  Businesses that thrive typically are well planned. A key question to consider is whether there is a market for what you […]

Do You Need to Change Your Business Structure?

Let’s continue our back-to-basics review for all travel counselors—not only those who are just starting out but also for those of you who are looking to refresh your businesses. One of the most important steps in setting up or realigning your business is to carefully examine the appropriate structure that will work for you, The […]

Back to Basics: Today’s Travel Industry and Its Players

Back to Basics: Today’s Travel Industry and Its Players Over the next few weeks, we will be going back to travel basics—the foundation for success. There are no shortcuts in travel, therefore you should not shortcut your education. As the saying goes: “You don’t know what you don’t know!” To start the base of your […]

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