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Three Reasons Why All-Inclusive Resorts Are a Good Fit for Your Clients

All-inclusive resorts continue to grow in popularity among travelers and travel agents alike. It’s not surprising because many travelers want relaxing, value-added vacation experiences, and, in turn, many travel agents want profitable, easily attainable revenue streams. If you are considering specializing in this lucrative niche, you will find important information and practical tips in Selling […]

Enjoy Early Summer in England’s Green and Pleasant Land

We know you are happily engaged in trip planning and likely are looking ahead to help clients with their summer vacations. Therefore, we will continue to provide you with an abundance of destination tips and education. This week’s Hot Tip is packed with fun and creative ideas for your UK/Ireland-bound clients! For more extensive itineraries, […]

Bermuda’s Nine Parishes

Destination knowledge is critical to your job as a travel consultant—perhaps now more than ever. It is so important to differentiate yourself in the travel industry. Specialization and immersion in a region—particularly one in a nearby country—can help you do that.  Clients rely on your expertise to find their perfect vacation destinations. Our practical tip […]

Can You Recognize the Three Main Types of Luxury Travelers?

This month, we’ve been focusing on YOU as an advisor who might like to specialize in luxury travel. But what about your target audience? What clients would make good luxury prospects? To help you immerse yourself in luxury education, The Travel Institute is proud to announce our 4th edition of the new Online Luxury Travel Specialist […]

Do You Have Luxury ESP? 

“To sell luxury products successfully, travel advisors need to have ESP,” says Anna Pinto, Executive Director of luxury land/tour operator Micato Safaris, one of the expert insiders featured in our newly launched Online Luxury Travel Specialist Course, 4th edition. What is Luxury ESP, according to Anna? Here is an excerpt from her interview in the […]

You Want to Sell Luxury But Where Are the Clients? 

View Add To Cart Here it is! The NEW 4th edition of our Luxury Travel Specialist Course!  The Luxury Travel Specialist Course from The Travel Institute is cutting-edge, timely, and filled with expert advice and insights on current trends, traveler types, product offerings, and proven sales strategies—along with the latest tips on branding and promoting a luxury […]

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