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What Agents Need to Know   

What Agents Need to Know    As a travel professional, you are expected to know insider information on various travel destinations. It can be overwhelming when you’re new or haven’t visited the destination yourself. You’re still expected to: Create sample itineraries for the destination. Curate lists and descriptions of key landmarks, attractions, and local ground transportation options. Write a […]

How Successful People Navigate the World   

How Successful People Navigate the World    By Brian Robb, CTIE, Chairman, The Travel Institute This article first appeared in VAX Vacation Access Compass on April 30, 2019 How often have you seen intelligent people who are unable to leverage their high IQ or advanced technical skills into career success? I know I have. Those folks have the […]

Explore Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way   

Explore Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way  Inspire your clients to discover the beauty of western Ireland and the world’s longest defined coastal touring route, The Wild Atlantic Way. County Clare on Ireland’s west coast is a region of rich green farmland and rolling hills through which the River Shannon flows. Within an hour’s drive west of […]

CRM: What It Is and Why You Need to Master It    

CRM: What It Is and Why You Need to Master It     Recently, Richard D’Ambrosio wrote a three-part series on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for Travel Market Report. In April and May, we will be featuring excerpts from those articles. What follows is taken from the first of his articles, CRM: What It Is […]

International Travel with Kids: It Can Be Done!

International Travel with Kids: It Can Be Done!     By Andrea Sedlacek, editor of The Compass on VAX VacationAccess Travel should be a family affair, no matter what age kids are. Sure, family travelers can’t just pick up and go to Cozumel right when the mood strikes, but, with some additional preparation, planning, and knowledge, traveling internationally […]

Netiquette Rules (and It Rocks, Too!)   

Netiquette Rules (and It Rocks, Too!)    Have you heard the term Netiquette? Yes, it’s a thing! Have you seen an email come across your desk that doesn’t have a subject line? What about a questionable or inappropriate social media post from a colleague in a professional chat group or professional page? Have you realized—to your […]

What’s Special About Denmark?   

What’s Special About Denmark?    Denmark is home to one of Europe’s most engaging capital cities, København. The city’s sumptuous architecture, delightful pedestrian streets lined with fine shops and cafés, and unique attractions, such as Tivoli, make it a highlight of any trip to Northern Europe. On top of that, the city’s cultural offerings, including jazz, […]

How Are YOU Qualifying Your Clients’ Needs?   

How Are YOU Qualifying Your Clients’ Needs?    Understanding clients’ needs is central to success. If you don’t get to know every need and every wish for your clients’ vacation, how are you supposed to provide a WOW experience? Having a fluid qualifying conversation with clients sets you up for success. To get you started, here […]