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Firsthand Insights from Larry Pimentel: Luxury Travel’s Icon

Firsthand Insights from Larry Pimentel: Luxury Travel’s Icon    If asked who the face for the Luxury Travel industry is, most people would say Larry Pimentel, CTC, President and Chief Executive Officer of Azamara Club Cruises. Recently, we interviewed Mr. Pimentel for his tips and advice for The Travel Institute’s Luxury: A Lifestyle Specialist Course. But this information […]

Top Questions — and Answers! — on Starting Your Business

Top Questions — and Answers! — on Starting Your Business   Every day at The Travel Institute, our coaches receive calls from many people looking for a start in the travel industry. Here are the most frequently asked questions, along with our advice: Question: How should I structure my new business? Answer: The issue of setting up your […]

The Sales Cycle  

The Sales Cycle   How does YOUR sales cycle flow? The sales process is dynamic, fluid and subject to unforeseen challenges at any point. While your techniques for dealing with these challenges may vary, the process for leading customers to a buying decision remains essentially the same. Step One: Identify Customers This involves two activities: finding […]

Bermuda’s Nine Parishes

Destination knowledge is critical to your job as a travel consultant. It is so important to differentiate yourself in the travel industry, and specializing in a region can help you do that.

You can immerse yourself in a destination by researching it, by taking a FAM trip, or by completing a program like the ones offered by The Travel Institute.

Make Prioritizing a Priority During the Holidays

There never is enough time to accomplish all your tasks on a normal day, but hours seem to shrink even more during the holiday season. So, in order to work effectively and efficiently, you must learn how to determine what takes precedence among the list of things you need or want to accomplish. In other words, you need to prioritize.