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Four Inspirational Reasons For UK Travel

With the post Brexit exchange rate holding at its lowest level since the mid ‘80s, fans of English costume dramas will be thrilled by Masterpiece Theatre’s mid-January screening of ITV’s ‘Victoria’ while Jane Austen’s 200th anniversary will encourage more ‘On Location’ interest in some of their earlier productions. Staying with the literary theme but blending […]

Special Interest Britain Vignettes

If your local theatre stages a Shakespeare season or festival, there’s very good chance that they will have been marking the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death on St George’s Day, Saturday 23rd April.  Given that any Shakespeare season attracts good audiences, capitalise on the media coverage by talking to them about a customised London […]

Turning Bookshelves Into A Source of Profit

What do Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and George Washington all have in common? Linked together, they all become key players in a memorable early July Family Travel Experience that starts/finishes in London. Major literary anniversaries make great foundations for a customised tour and in 2016 with the Brontë Sisters, […]

Year of the English Garden: Year of Opportunity

During September, many of your garden club contacts will be reconvening after their summer holiday which makes this a good time for finalizing and presenting a really eye catching, value added customized UK tour at their next meeting. In the months ahead, your customer’s specialist gardening magazines will be carrying details and images of the […]