Exploring The World – 5th Edition (Online)

The companion workbook is included as a printable PDF and can be found with each chapter.


Exploring the World Online!

Exploring The World Online further enhances agent learning and ongoing access to important destination details through The Travel Institute’s best-practice, interactive, e-learning platform delivering the same valuable content as the print version but with interactive exercises, vibrant images, enhanced navigation, mapping capabilities, progress checks and more, improving the student experience, learning retention rates, and accessibility over the hard-copy.

Updated Content

Currently in its 5th edition, each chapter explains the uniqueness of a specific region by exploring its major cities, attractions, culture, climate, geography, and transportation with key highlights noted.


Access this course from your desktop, tablet or mobile device 24/7 anywhere you have Internet access!

Enhanced Learning

Utilize search functionality, learning objectives and summaries by chapter, interactive maps, vibrant photography and student progress tracking to learn and retain more.


Automatically adapts to various screen sizes and preferred orientation. Users easily transition between desktop, tablet and mobile phone options.

Whether you are new to the industry or an industry veteranExploring the World is the single, most important tool to have at your fingertips!

The easy-to-use geography guide gives frontline agents the destination content that matters to them most, cutting through endless streams of internet data for a clear ‘what to do, what to see, when to go, and how to get around’ look at the top cities, countries and regions of the world. The more you know about each of these elements, the better you can meet the needs of travelers. A companion workbook is also included to best support learning and retention.

Exploring the World is the ultimate geography guide, allowing you to see the world as travel enthusiasts see it—a kaleidoscope of places, people and experiences just waiting to be sampled!

Exploring The World Content

Course Chapters

Chapter 1 Destination Geography
Chapter 2 The Eastern United States
Chapter 3 The Midwest
Chapter 4 The Western States, Alaska, and Hawaii
Chapter 5 Canada
Chapter 6 Bermuda and the West Indies
Chapter 7 Middle America
Chapter 8 South America and Antarctica
Chapter 9 The British Isles
Chapter 10 Northern Europe
Chapter 11 Eastern Europe
Chapter 12 Southern Europe
Chapter 13 Africa and the Middle East
Chapter 14 Asia
Chapter 15 The Pacific

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