Do you have what it takes to be an effective manager? Do you have the skills that employers look for when they make decisions on who to promote?

The learning toolbox that makes up the Certified Travel Counselor (CTC®) program prepares you to face the new demands of today’s travel managers. Each of the online course topics builds upon each other – and you will see how the courses create a complete management preparation program.

Welcome to the CTC® 

Certified Travel Counselor

What You Will Learn

Each core topic is supplemented with additional reading, interactive exercises, and travel related management topics.

  • Even everyday business changes like converting from one GDS system to another, or rebranding your company involves a series of tasks and steps in order for the change to be successful. The Negotiating course will help you set the groundwork for obtaining the best position for your company in any situation, and the Project Management course enables you to be able to handle the HOW of changes you will face. Accounting Fundamentals will help you better understand “the bottom line.”
  • Developing strong co-workers, employees and a cohesive team involve guiding, encouraging and supporting them in their growth. Coaching and Mentoring and Team Building skills in this course will give you the confidence to build a strong company. Creativity will help you find new ways of doing business and getting the most from your staff.
  • Knowing how your employees and co-workers think and “operate” and how to get the best work from these people is the essence of Conflict ManagementDISC Behavior Training and Emotional Intelligence training. Using these personnel skills will soon have your company working as a well-oiled machine.

“The information in the CTC course is clear, easy to follow, and flow nicely. Having the modules in short chapters makes it easy to retain the message as well as to complete, which gives a sense of accomplishment. The information provided is practical and will definitely help anyone moving up in their businesses or careers. Keep up the excellent work Travel Institute.”

Kim Sherrett, CTC / American Society of Travel Advisors

CTC Table of Contents


Learn how to improve productivity through mentoring and coach others to higher performance.

  1. What is a Mentoring Program?
  2. How to Create a Mentoring Program
  3. How to Match Mentors and Mentees
  4. Making a Mentoring Agreement
  5. Mentoring Meeting Guidelines
  6. Creating a Successful Mentoring Relationship

Discover how to deal with conflict and the five-step process for responding to someone in a conflict situation.

  1. Conflict Management: Unavoidable Truths
  2. Conflict Management: Maintaining Self-control
  3. Conflict Management: The Conflict Process
  4. Conflict Management: Special Situations

Learn what creativity is, what rules we place on it, and how it can fit into the workplace for positive results.

  1. Getting Creative
  2. Logic vs Creativity
  3. Techniques
  4. Defining Problems
  5. Generate and Evaluate

Identify the DISC personality styles. Learn to recognize them in yourself and others so you can deal with clients more effectively.

  1. Introduction
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Understanding DISC Styles
  4. Determining the Styles of Others
  5. Mixing DISC Styles
  6. DISC Style: High D
  7. DISC Style: High I
  8. DISC Style: High S
  9. DISC Style: High C
  10. Selling to a High D
  11. Selling to a High I
  12. Selling to a High S
  13. Selling to a High C

Learn how to better understand emotions in order to be more productive and develop greater relationship skills.

  1. What is Emotional Intelligence?
  2. Developing Self-Awareness
  3. Developing Self-Regulation
  4. Developing Self Motivation
  5. Developing Empathy
  6. Developing Effective Relationships
  7. Emotional Intelligence and DISC

Learn how to identify your negotiating style and the styles of others in order to build effective negotiating strategies.

  1. Introduction to Negotiating
  2. Framing
  3. Styles
  4. Identifying Leverage
  5. Analyzing Upcoming Negotiations
  6. Planning for Negotiations
  7. The Negotiation Process
  8. Reaching Agreement

Learn how to create a memorable presentation from start to finish, including tips for design, audio visuals, and handouts.

  1. Basic Questions
  2. Organizing
  3. Opening
  4. Closing
  5. How to make a point
  6. Punching up your presentation
  7. Creating slides
  8. Handouts

Learn why accounting, bookkeeping, and financial planning are so crucial to the success of your business.

  1. Principles of Accounting
  2. Common Accounting Terms
  3. Cash Flow & Budgeting
  4. Managing Payables & Receivables
  5. Introduction to Financial Statements
  6. Balance Sheet: Overview of a Balance Sheet
  7. Income Statement
  8. Income Statement: Expenses

Learn how to manage a project including tips for estimating timelines, tracking, and dealing with change.

  1. What is a Project
  2. The Project Charter
  3. Estimating Timelines
  4. Communications
  5. Measuring and Tracking
  6. Handling Change
  7. Preparing for People Problems
  8. Completing the Project

Learn what makes a winning team and tips for ground rules, roles, and responsibilities. Explore six different types of teams.

  1. What is Team Building?
  2. Types of Teams
  3. Effective Team Members
  4. Team Development and the Tuckman Model
  5. Characteristics of a Successful Team
  6. Teams in Crisis Situations

How You Will Study

This program consists of a series of online videos delivered by experienced engaging educators who provide you with practical advice that can be used immediately. These courses are available anytime 24/7 in our unique online environment.


Candidates for the CTC® must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Possess a minimum of 5 years travel industry experience
  • Have completed the CTA® course or have passed the CTA® Exam (testing-out available)
  • Pass the CTC® Exam
  • Complete a white paper or submit a qualifying project
  • Earn a minimum of ten (10) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) a year for certification maintenance

Certification Programs

Certified Travel Counselor – CTC®


Your Investment

$550 per individual, including access to all videos and supplemental reading. The registration fee covers the course materials, CTC Exam and evaluation of the paper or project. Payment plan available to help fit the cost of certification into any budget.

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The CTC®, A Management Program for Travel Professionals

Do you have what it takes to be an effective manager? Do you have the skills that employers look for when they make decisions on who to promote?

Everyday business changes like converting from one GDS system to another, negotiating supplier contracts or working on developing a cohesive team of employees, involves a variety of managerial skill sets. The Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) Program has been totally re-designed to ensure that owners, managers, and directors have the opportunity to refresh and learn new skills that will prepare them to face today’s new demands. Join Patty Noonan, CTC as she dives into the content inside of this industry-recognized program for more than 50 years, and shows you how you can immediately improve your management skills.

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 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Certified Travel Counselors (CTCs) are required to earn a minimum of ten Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per year to maintain their certification. In addition to being a member of The Travel Institute, our CEU requirement is an effective way to master new skills, attain product knowledge, remain current on industry trends, and continue to develop your role as a travel professional.

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