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International Travel with Kids: It Can Be Done!

International Travel with Kids: It Can Be Done!     By Andrea Sedlacek, editor of The Compass on VAX VacationAccess Travel should be a family affair, no matter what age kids are. Sure, family travelers can’t just pick up and go to Cozumel right when the mood strikes, but, with some additional preparation, planning, and knowledge, traveling internationally […]

‘New Year New Career’ Kicks Off 2019

The Travel Institute Continues Support of Agents with Tuition Assistance and Additional Learning Opportunities FRAMINGHAM, MA, January 8, 2019 – The Travel Institute is kicking off 2019 with its New Year New Career  focus on new agent training and specialization in continued support of the influx of new agents entering the travel industry and for […]

Five Photo and Video Social Strategies

by Catherine J. Heeg Are you like so many others in our industry who have taken hundreds of photos on fams and ship inspections? If so, how will you stand out and showcase your expertise? Using photos and videos creatively can boost your credibility and professionalism. Focus on these tips when posting your photos on […]

Five Ways to Build Your Own Brand

by Gwen Kuebler, CTC Differentiating yourself from the competition is vital in a marketplace where there are many choices. What does it take to pull you out ahead of the pack? 1. Analyze your clients’ needs. Determine what it takes to meet those needs. Write down them down, and articulate them to yourself and to […]

Five Ways to Keep Your Business Alive and Thriving

Well the Bee Gees had it right. Staying alive is one side of the travel spectrum that the trade needs to sing about but to date tends to shy away from. Then suddenly we are facing outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola, ferry fires, shipborne viruses, downed and lost aircraft and travel dreams gone wrong. […]

Five Blog Tips for Non-Writers

We’ve all heard that “Content is King” so doesn’t that make blogging the ‘Ruler of the World of Marketing’? Blogging is a powerful tool to provide valuable resources to your clients so that they see you as THE resource they need when booking their next trip. Yet, so many travel pros ask me where to […]

Five Tips for Content Marketing in Cyberspace

Millions of potential travel buyers log on to the Internet every day. Do you think they’re looking for you? NO! They’re looking for content; information and ideas they can use to make an intelligent buying decision. If you turn out to be the source, you’ll get the first shot at the sale. Content marketing is […]

Five Tips to Tap into the Power of Customer Success

Last week, I overheard my marketing team chattering away about the next big thing for Software-as-a-Service companies: Customer Success. Customer Success is not “customer service,” but a more proactive approach that asks what your customers need to be successful with your service, and how you can improve and expand their experience. It’s vital for SAAS […]

5 Must-Have Apps for Every Successful Business Owner

First let me say that there are thousands of applications for our smartphones and tablets: IOS, Android, Windows and more. The following apps I am going to share are ones that I have personally used, are free and find to be useful and helpful when running my business, although there are many similar apps that […]